The Board owns the Pinchbeck Engine Museum which is situated off the A16 at Pinchbeck. The museum is housed in the former pumping station building and gives a wealth of information on drainage. Visitors will be given a demonstration as to how the Beam engine worked.

The Pinchbeck Engine is a restored beam engine, an impressive reminder of the time when man relied on the power of steam to drain the land. The Pinchbeck Engine was built in 1833 and is a 20 horse-power A-frame low pressure condensing beam engine. Each year the Pinchbeck Pumping Engine lifted an average of 3,000,000 tons of water from the land at a rate of 7,500 gallons per minute. As drainage technology progressed steam powered drainage engines were replaced with diesel engines, and then with electricity powered pumps. The Pinchbeck Engine was replaced in 1952 with an electrically powered station.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Pinchbeck Engine Museum will not be open during the 2021 season.

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