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16TH/17TH AUGUST 2022

During the late night of Tuesday, 16th August and the early hours of Wednesday, 17th August, a band of exceptionally heavy rain passed over the Board’s area.

Some 50mm (1.97″) of rainfall was widely taken across the district; however, over Spalding, Pinchbeck, Surfleet and Sutterton much higher totals were recorded.

At Surfleet our rain gauge took 136mm (5.35″), which is our highest ever recorded daily total.  The intensity of the rain was recorded by our telemetry which showed that 110mm (4.3″) fell in only four hours between 22:30 and 02:30 hrs.

At Sutterton a private rain gauge took 168mm (6.6″).

A private rain gauge at Fosdyke took a reading of 187mm (7.4″).

Pumping stations were fully operational and teams were out inspecting the Board’s assets and drainage channels.

Weedcutting machines were deployed to areas with the highest levels to clear channels to aid drainage of land and fields.

Further inspections will take place over the next few days as a number of bank “slips” have already been recorded.

The photo above, which was taken at the junction of Dunnegate Way in Surfleet on the morning of the 17th August, shows the extent of the rainfall.  As testament to the Board’s highly efficient systems, over 140mm (5.5″) of water was pumped out of our district over a 24 hour period.




What a difference a day makes! Dunnegate Way in Surfleet on the 18th August.