Wygate Park – Pennygate Drain Relining Work

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Phase 5 and 6 of major scheme complete

The combined fifth and sixth phases of the Board’s Pennygate Drain relining has now been successfully completed with a liner of 350m being installed, the longest section of this diameter installed in the country. This was the final section of the project that has seen the completion of 880m of rehabilitated surface water sewer.

Work started in earnest on the 21st October 2017. This involved laying out 1.3km of discharge pipe for the over-pumping, assembling approximately 1km of site fencing, opening the road surface to lift out the 3m chamber biscuit, dam off the pipe and set up the auxiliary pump. Due to being able to over-pump along Two Plank Lane it was possible to site the two main 8″ pumps the week before; however, the pipes could not be laid out until the road closure came into operation on the 21st October. An additional 6″ pump was also set up next to Spalding Primary School, to be used should the weather turn against us.

Initially, it had been planned that we would be working on phase 5 only and all of the subsequent planning reflected this, including the road closure which ran from the 21st October to the 15th November. As it happened, the project overran by three days and we were able to reopen the road on the 18th November. However, it is worth noting that two sections were installed in the time allocated for one.

Carrying out the two phases together meant that overall the Board saved money and completed the project a year early.

As part of our preparation we informed the Spalding Primary School of the works, providing them with letters that were distributed to the children to take home as part of their newsletter. We also offered the school the opportunity to visit the site to see what we were doing. On the 6th November, members of our staff gave a talk to two classes of year six pupils, explaining what we were doing and the importance of the sewer, and the work the Drainage Board does. Later in the month, the Board’s engineers went back to the school and gave a presentation to the year five children who were unable to visit the site during the works.